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Bear w/balloons
Bear w/balloons
Item# Bear_withballoons
$4.89, 12$48.00, 35$122.50
MESSAGE LEFT SIDE: MESSAGE RIGHT SIDE: EMBLEM/Icon (printed on ribbon):  PRINTING Ink:  RIBBON STYLE:  Iridescent---- :  Plain Satin--- :  Silver Edge---:  Gold Edge----:  Feather Edge-:  SPECIAL REQUEST:

Product Description:

Bear w/balloons
Celebrating a birthday! Each item is decorated with tulle, almonds and personalized ribbon with the name, occasion and date. special requests: may require an additional charge!

* * Minimum : 12 pcs. per order * *

This item is made to order please allow 4-7days preparation time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ RIBBON SAMPLE: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

LEFT Side: Samantha's 1st Birthday
RIGHT Side: November 24th, 2004

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Bear w/balloons